Sunday, December 18, 2005

How to Add Album Artwork to iTunes

An album artwork is a little piece of picture that accompanies a piece of song in iTunes. You can think of it as the beautiful CD cover you used to get in those days when you still bought CDs.

When will you get Album Artwork automatically?

When you purchase the entire album from the iTunes music store, you will realize that a picture, the CD cover, is added to each of the songs as well.

Another instant when you get album artworks automatically is when you subscribe to podcasts on iTunes' podcast directory. Usually a podcast's album artwork is just the podcast's logo.

How to add Album Artwork manually?

If you rip your own collection of CDs into iTunes, something all of us do, you have to find and add the album artwork yourself.

Adding a picture to a piece of music is easy. First make sure the album artwork window is set to display the "selected songs". Then, select a song in your library. Now if you have the CD cover scanned into a file, or you are able to find the CD cover from some website, you just need to drag and drop the file or the picture to the album artwork window.

Drag and drop a picture to the album artwork window.
Album artwork is added successfully.
To add the same picture to a number of songs, e.g. all the songs of a single album, you can multiple-select the songs and repeat the same steps as mentioned.

Bring the Album Artwork with you on your iPods

Provided that your iPod has a color screen, or you own the ROKR, the album artworks will be transfer over as well when you sync your device with iTunes. No additional work is needed, just sync.

Yet another Mac tip is on the web!


Anonymous said...

I've found that nearly all album art can be found on Going there is much easier than searching the internet for each album art.

Just search the artist, click on the appropriate album, click the album art in to make it large (and in its own screen), right click (ctrl-click) to copy, and paste into iTunes.

Anonymous said...

It's even easier to download the album art widget that searches for a song's album art as it is playing in itunes.

Anonymous said...

In Dashboard, Whichever widgit u have selcted will do a swirly thing and then dissapear if u hold command-r

Anonymous said...

Download the script "Fetch Art" and it will automatically download artwork from for you and then save it to your iTunes songs.

Anonymous said...

the i sing widget also finds art work and saves it to i-tunes

Jakey Simonds-Malamud said...

amazon's a great source (see first comment) and also has a nice music page, in which you can also download nice sized artwork.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

CoverScout is probably the easiest way, but you have to pay $8 for it.

Anonymous said...

I found a brill way to easily and gradually build up your album artwork. Download this freeware prorgamme
it will search Amazon for you asd you listen to tracks and when it finds it just copy it into the tolbar. Nice and handy if you want to load artwork as you listen!

Anonymous said...

Ive used Wikipedia to find all my album covers and it has worked really well. Does anyone know how to remove album artwork from a song, and how to apply the artwork to an entire album without dragging it to every song on that album?