Saturday, April 08, 2006

Windows, Anyone?

So it hasn't been any real a big announcement from Apple for quite some time. Try this: Apple is officially enabling running of Microsoft Windows XP natively on the new Intel Mac.

Boot Camp does it all

As Windows XP is built for the x86 architecture, it should naturally run well on the Intel Mac --that is if other compatibility issues like hardware drivers are overcome. That's precisely what Boot Camp (Beta) does.
Boot Camp is basically a one-stop-shop tool to help Mac users wishing to run Windows XP on Mac to get things done as easily as possible. It helps you create a new partition on harddisk to house Windows XP without affecting your Mac OS X, and even burns a CD containing the hardware drivers so that you can install them in Windows XP later.

When everything is set up properly, all you need is to hold the option key when starting the machine and the system will prompt you to choose which operating system to launch.

For a complete instruction on using Boot Camp, check out Apple's Boot Camp Guide

Alternatively, you can see a video demo of Boot Camp at You Tube

A real buzz generator

If you happen to scout around the Web for news and comments surrounding this new tool from Apple, you may find equally extreme yet completely opposite opinions, like the death of Mac OS X and the death of Windows. Take your pick.

Personally, I think this isn't really as big a change in the Mac world. First of all, those who enjoy Mac OS X will stick to Mac OS X, while those who have needed Windows for whatever reasons will still install a copy of Windows alongside Mac OS X -- only to bypass the Virtual PC for the first time in history. However, it sure will entice Mac users who happen to be active gamers to try out Boot Camp, as most of the major game titles are still Windows-only.

Security security

Mac is as safe as the Mac OS X can be. When comes to security with Windows, it doesn't matter that you are actually running it in your shiny Mac machine, worms targeting Windows will still creep in. Go ahead and install a copy of Windows if you may, but be sure you know what you are doing.

Yet another Mac tip is on the web!


Anonymous said...

Acually, it is similar to how, with the iMac, some people would try to wall mount it flush against the wall, and Apple didn't know how to stop it beause it obstucts the ventilation system, so they made it so you could't do it. people would try to Hack thie Macs to run windows, and this is an eisier alternative. it is also problably temporary, as Parallels complained how All disabled hardware virtulization, so i think apple is going to come ou with thier own virtulization program integrated ito the OS.

Same anonymous said...

How do you enable spell check in Safari?

Anonymous said...

To automatically check spelling in safari you go to

Edit > Spelling > Check Spelling As You Type