Sunday, September 25, 2005

Motorola ROKR, the iTunes Phone, Now Available in Singapore

Motorola ROKR is finally on-shelf all over Singapore!

For those who don't get it yet, Rokr is basically a iPod Shuffle married with a phone jointly created by Apple and Motorola. Is it as good as a bona-fide iPod? Yes and No. It has the familiar menu style found on iPod and promises a seamless AutoFill like that of a Shuffle, but there is no click wheel. An iPod in a phone is a fine idea, but you may ask whether you would be charged for a premium price for it.

My findings so far show that the retail price is at around $588. If you are about to renew your contract and don't mind a 2-year plan, the prices at the major carriers are as follow.

Looks like M1 is the winner.

Below are some images of Rokr. As you can see, it looks almost identical to Motorola E398. In fact, it is based on E398, except with a couple of enhancements like built-in iTunes capability and enhanced screen. Check it out at CNet for a complete coverage.

The familiar iPod-style menu.

Hot-button for easy access to your music.

Headphone jack supports standard 3.8mm adapter.

What is so special about ROKR?

Since Rokr is based on E398, a stable and discern but a little old model, it is safe to think that the phone functionalities are rather capable. The focus here is not about the standard phone features but the new iTunes capability and what it means to you. Note that if it isn't the unbeatable easy-to-use iTunes program that makes managing thousands of tunes a charm, the iPod will not be what it is today as an acronym of portable music player. In the exact same way, what sets Rokr apart from other semi-MP3 phones is the original iTunes experience that millions of iPoders love so much. If you are one of those one-gadget-for-all dudes and want to experience the iPod's way of life, ROCK ON!

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Anonymous said...

The Motorola Rokr is not compatible with the new version of iTunes 7.0-
When I try to contact Motorola, Motorola blames it on Apple Mactintosh; and when I try to contact Apple Macintosh, they blames it on Motorola.
Do not purchase this phone until you are sure the compatabilities of the new iTunes issues is solved.