Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Better Privacy with Firefox

For the privacy-aware Internet users, Safari's Private Browsing is great. But it has a major downside: you cannot set it as system default, meaning you need to activate it every time you think NOT saving private data is crucial.

If you really need that kind of privacy and find Safari's implementation tedious, then forget about Safari altogether. Try Firefox instead.

Protect Private Data Using Firefox

In Firefox, you can set it to clear your private data each time you close Firefox. If you haven't got one installed, you can get it from the Firefox website.

Open Firefox, choose Preference.

In the "Privacy" Tab, click the "Settings" button at the bottom-right corner.

Then comes a new dialog box, in which you can choose what types of private data you feel compelled to clear. For convenience, check the box "Clear Private data when closing Firefox", and stop worrying from now on!

Disclaimer: The dialog boxes of Firefox Preference are copyrights of Mozilla Foundation. They are displayed solely for the purpose of public education.

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Anonymous said...

I think safari's private browsing is a much better option than just disabling browsing history altogether.
You would always want your history to be there, except that in some cases, it is safer to use private browsing.
You get best of both worlds!


Hoot said...

Great application is Firefox, wonderful bells and whistles, but I'll still use Safari, thanks, the reason being everything works flawlessly together on my iMac G5 - internet, mail, address book: everything.

Perhaps the Apple people might take some instruction from Firefox and incorporate some of these special features you think so highly of. I hope they do. Cheers.

Anonymous said...

I like Firefox. I used to be all for Safari...but Firefox will open more websites and is more compatible with some of the websites I use than Safari. Honestly, it's the only reason I use it's safer than the other browsers, outside of Safari.