Sunday, October 22, 2006

The Photo Slideshow

Your friend has just sent you a bunch of photos over the internet, and you are deciding to keep those that you like in iPhoto, and ditch the rest.

What is the most gratifying way to carry out the task, and to do it in style?

Set up a Slideshow

The photos you got from your friend are most probably wrapped in a zip file. After unzipping them, the photos can be found in a new folder.

Here is how you can easily set up a slideshow: select all the photos, and look for the "Slideshow" option in the Action menu.

Taking advantage of the Slideshow

The nice thing about setting up a slideshow, obviously, is allowing you to preview the photos in large format.

Seeing the photos in fullscreen.

Handy photo index let you see all the photos at once.

However, the neatest thing about Slideshow is how easily Apple has made it for you to add the photos that please you into iPhoto! As always, getting a job done on a Mac is just one click away. Notice the iPhoto button in the control pane? If you happen to like a photo and decide to keep it, all you need to do is to click on that button and it goes right into your iPhoto!

Yet another Mac tip is on the web!


Anonymous said...

Useful bit of info. Thanks.
It seems like the slideshow thingie arranges the photos in some random order, not by name or modification date.
What is the order by which they are arranged? How can I get it to arrange the photos by name?

Anonymous said...

thanks for the info.,
i wanted to figure out how u can neatly set the pictures in folders. the software randomly arranges them.

EJ said...

I stay away from i-anything on my Mac for over 20+ years now. My music is in folders by basic types: C&W, Rock, Blues, etc. When I want to do something with a song (play it, send it, etc.) I go to the folder I want. No nanny state governess telling me what to do.

I play music in Toast or in Audion on my iMac 2009 (Snow Leopard) and other older machines. Nothing on my iPad for music as I refuse to ever open iTunes.

The same for photos. A folder in my side bar with "Photos in" and "Library" takes care of the organizing. Anything off the web, etc. goes into the Photos In folder which is nestled in the Library folder and later organized by subject...Animals, Artsie, Cartoons, etc.