Monday, October 23, 2006

Easy Photo Sharing

What fun is there with keeping photos if you can't share them?

Thanks to Flickr, now every can share photos easily. Even if you do not have a Flickr account, you most probably have a Yahoo account, which can be used as your Flickr account right away. Goto and set up your account now!

Easy uploading of photos

Thanks to the upload tool created by the Flickr team, now you can drag-n-drop your photos/albums from iPhoto and upload them to Flickr with just one click, literally! Get your free copy of Flickr Uploadr from here:

Getting started

When you launch Flickr Uploadr, you will find that you can log on to your Flickr account directly from there. After logging in, you can start uploading photos immediately.

Uploading photos

You can simply drag the photos you like to share from iPhoto or Finder into the Uploadr. You can then add tags, descriptions to each photo if you like, or simply click the Upload button and your are done! There are plenty of features like restricting to only friends and families to view the selected photos... I'll leave those for you to figure out.

New photos are up on Flickr already. Snappy!

Yet another Mac tip is on the web!


Anonymous said...

care to intro yourself dude?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tip. Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

This is a nice tip, but I personally am not wild about downloading programs or software to my computer unless I really have to. If it can be done with an Internet app, that's my preference. Photo sharing software isn't something I need on my computer since there's a variety sources to accomplish what you need on the Internet. Plus, I have image editing software on my computer. You can find easy photo sharing on a variety of sites. They help you organize and keep track of your photos. Hoorray is one but there are others as well. The nice thing about Hoorray is that it lets you add audio to your photos. This app doesn’t.