Monday, October 23, 2006

Easy Photo Sharing

What fun is there with keeping photos if you can't share them?

Thanks to Flickr, now every can share photos easily. Even if you do not have a Flickr account, you most probably have a Yahoo account, which can be used as your Flickr account right away. Goto and set up your account now!

Easy uploading of photos

Thanks to the upload tool created by the Flickr team, now you can drag-n-drop your photos/albums from iPhoto and upload them to Flickr with just one click, literally! Get your free copy of Flickr Uploadr from here:

Getting started

When you launch Flickr Uploadr, you will find that you can log on to your Flickr account directly from there. After logging in, you can start uploading photos immediately.

Uploading photos

You can simply drag the photos you like to share from iPhoto or Finder into the Uploadr. You can then add tags, descriptions to each photo if you like, or simply click the Upload button and your are done! There are plenty of features like restricting to only friends and families to view the selected photos... I'll leave those for you to figure out.

New photos are up on Flickr already. Snappy!

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Sunday, October 22, 2006

The Photo Slideshow

Your friend has just sent you a bunch of photos over the internet, and you are deciding to keep those that you like in iPhoto, and ditch the rest.

What is the most gratifying way to carry out the task, and to do it in style?

Set up a Slideshow

The photos you got from your friend are most probably wrapped in a zip file. After unzipping them, the photos can be found in a new folder.

Here is how you can easily set up a slideshow: select all the photos, and look for the "Slideshow" option in the Action menu.

Taking advantage of the Slideshow

The nice thing about setting up a slideshow, obviously, is allowing you to preview the photos in large format.

Seeing the photos in fullscreen.

Handy photo index let you see all the photos at once.

However, the neatest thing about Slideshow is how easily Apple has made it for you to add the photos that please you into iPhoto! As always, getting a job done on a Mac is just one click away. Notice the iPhoto button in the control pane? If you happen to like a photo and decide to keep it, all you need to do is to click on that button and it goes right into your iPhoto!

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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Better Privacy with Firefox

For the privacy-aware Internet users, Safari's Private Browsing is great. But it has a major downside: you cannot set it as system default, meaning you need to activate it every time you think NOT saving private data is crucial.

If you really need that kind of privacy and find Safari's implementation tedious, then forget about Safari altogether. Try Firefox instead.

Protect Private Data Using Firefox

In Firefox, you can set it to clear your private data each time you close Firefox. If you haven't got one installed, you can get it from the Firefox website.

Open Firefox, choose Preference.

In the "Privacy" Tab, click the "Settings" button at the bottom-right corner.

Then comes a new dialog box, in which you can choose what types of private data you feel compelled to clear. For convenience, check the box "Clear Private data when closing Firefox", and stop worrying from now on!

Disclaimer: The dialog boxes of Firefox Preference are copyrights of Mozilla Foundation. They are displayed solely for the purpose of public education.

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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

New download link for the MacNify Widget

I recently changed the hosting service to another service provider. What follows is the change of downloading links of the MacNify Widget and the Toggle Widget-On-Top mini app. It may take a while for the guys at Apple to update their widget listings, so here on this post I am providing the links for you to grab those goodies.