Sunday, January 14, 2007

Blow up your screen. Sorta

Do you love the crisp, clean text and graphics your mac is capable of producing on your screen? Sure do... but not everyone does. The grandpa and grandma of the mac users do need serious magnification in order to see the incredibly small and defined objects on the flat panel.

Again, MacNify is spilling out the coolest trick to get things done - in this case, blowing your screen.

The trick

Hold the "shift" and "ctrl" key, and do a scroll-up using your mouse's scroll button. Or equivalently, use your two fingers to scroll up on your MacBook's trackpad. You simply get a zoom-in effect of everything on screen, REALTIME! Still holding the keys and do a scroll-down, and you can gradually zoom out again. Ain't that cool?

Look at how much I have zoomed-in on the Apple logo! But things get a little blurry if you overdo it.

Yet another Mac tip is on the web!