Never mind those who get whiny over Mac's stunning appeal, because it is not your fault or mine that they can't see beauty and intelligence in harmony. Mac is easy, practical, powerful, and sexy. No problem. But there is more than just "insanely great" engineering that makes the Mac Experience Special.

Apple's clever engineering aside, it is us, the user, who really brings the User Experience to life by accomplishing great and small things with Mac. Many people who at first dreaded the possible learning curve switching to Mac did an about face once they tried it for a few times. My favorite quote from a recent switcher is this: I am going to buy a Mac because it makes me want to work! Having said all these, the question to ask is, are there people holding the opposite view? The answer is definitely a Yes.

Although widely appreciated for its user friendliness, Mac does appear difficult to some people. I notice that anyone holding this opinion is either an experienced Windows user or is completely new to computer. A number of them have asked me personally how to get this and that done on Mac, which inspired me to set up this blog.

To share tips and enable Mac users

On this site you will find essential tips and occasional goodies for dowloading. You can even make a wish for tricks you think might exist, and I will try to dig it up for you. Just as Mac doesn't stand in the way when you try to get something done with the computer, I try to keep things straight to the point so that your time spent on learning new tricks is minimal. What you get in return are timesaving tricks that will become part of your computing skills that boost productivity in the long run.

To conclude, Mac is indeed easy to use. If you are clueless, it's not your fault. All you need is a few pointers to get you started. Enjoy using your Mac, and do drop by to find out more new tricks!