Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Video for iPod Made Easy

Ever since the video playing capability is added to the iPod, the truly convenient and easily accessible method for converting one's existing video files into iPod is simply, well, missing.

Then comes iTunes 6.0.5, in which Apple is finally compelled to make the long overdue feature standard and one-click away for the rest of us. Hooray!

At last, we can bypass Quicktime Pro which asks for a fee, or some obsured geeky (but powerful) open-source tools which can only be found by combing through google search results mediculously.

How does it work?

It is suprising easy. Take any video files you have added to your iTunes library and ctrl-click or right-click on it, there you will find the option "Convert Selection for iPod". Nifty huh?

If you haven't got your copy of iTunes updated, go get it now from Apple's iTunes page.

File format hazzle

What if you have video files in formats not supported by iTunes? Sorry, but you have no luck with this new feature. In this case, you probably want to try out the amazing ffmpegX.

Yet another Mac tip is on the Web!