Thursday, October 27, 2005

Emergency Notice About MacNify Widget

The MacNify widget was built using the one by as a template. is a wonderful site that is dedicated to new Mac users coming from Windows (aka switchers).

The founder of just contacted me that the MacNify widget actually erases the Macmentor widget if you have both of them running on Dashboard. This is my bad! I realized that I duplicated the info.plist file and left an entry unchanged, which caused the problem. My sincere apology to the people at Macmentor. You have enabled me in such a great way and I feel all the more ashamed of this mistake.

To the MacNify widget users, I am taking this opportunity to show some simple steps to correct the MacNify widget from this nasty behavior. A newer MacNify widget that does away with this problem is on the way, but it will take about two weeks to be available. So please follow the simple steps to make changes for good.

  1. Look for where the MacNify widget is stored on your harddisk. It should be found at HOME(i.e. your account)->Library->Widgets. Or you can use Spotlight to locate it.

  2. Right-click or command-click on MacNify.wdgt and choose "Show Package Contents".

  3. A new window will pop up the screen. Open the file info.plist by double clicking it.

  4. In the info.plist file, locate the entry CFBundleIdentifier and change the value to

  5. Save and close info.plist, as well as the window that shows the package contents.

This will solve the widget conflict issue.


Maria said...

Hi there, I can't seem to download your MacNify widget. I am getting a yahoo page that says your widget is unavailable for download and try back later. I've gotten this page for about 4 days. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

hi, i can't seem to open the info.plist file.

It says I don't have the application to open the file.

How? Pls help...

jiminlai at gmail dot com.

jen from Macmentor said...

Hey have you submitted your updated files to Apple yet? It's still dishing out the original widget that overwrites ours.

I would redownload the macnify widget. Then: find the file on your desktop. Remove the .wdgt extentison. it will become a folder. Open info.plist in text edit, find the word macmentor replace with with macnify - save.

Put the .wdgt back on the macnify folder, and then doubel click it to install it, it should ask to replace teh old macnify one you have installed, and then install the new one.

MacNify said...

Thanks Jen for the instructions on editing the .plist file. Yup, .plist file is essentially an XMl file and that means it is editable with any text editors.

By the way, I assure you that the work on replacing the current macnify widget with a new/corrected one is in progress. I know it's not swift enough but I am hoping to provide a better working download link and the updated widget altogether at once, so that I only need to submit once, and the guys at Apple will have less work to do. The widget is ready, I just need to get the download link right. Thanks guys for the feedbacks!

Anonymous said...

I tried to change the .plist when I double clicked on the file a window poped up and read, " there is no default application specified to open the document "Info.plist." which application do I choose?