Thursday, October 13, 2005

iPod With Video Feature

No Kidding!

Earlier on Apple sent out invitations to the presses and media, with nothing but one phrase printed on the card: One More Thing.

So what is it? Video, that's the thing. But if we zoom in a little, there weren't just one more thing, but a few more.

There was the new iPod that plays video (finally!), and there was the new iMac G5 that doubles as media center with remote (think TV)! We will talk on the new iPod this time.

iPod Video...?(See for yourself)

All of us will conveniently call it that way, although Apple seems to play down the idea of iPod Video even with the video capability added. Point to note: there is no official name as "iPod Video" whatsoever, just iPod. In a way, that's logical. Just like how iPod Nano completely replaced the iPod Mini, the so called iPod Video now completely replaced the original granddaddy iPod. In other words, video has become the standard function on iPod. So if you go for a full-size iPod from today onwards, you get to play video!

Some journalists, like Leo Laporte of TWIT, didn't believe Apple would do an iPod with video so soon given that they just released iPod Nano not long ago. But Apple did it anyway. It just goes on showing how distinct these two products and their target markets are that cannibalization isn't a concern that bothers Apple. In fact, Apple has to do it in order to create a product lineup with clear differentiations across the iPod familly.


So it plays video alright, are there more to watch out for? Sure there are. First, it's thinner, 45% thinner than the previous full-size iPod. Than there's a longer battery life: the 30GB model plays audio for 14 hours, the 60GB one 20 hours. There are a few more interesting findings, like the mentioning of audio recording and video-out to TV in the spec list.

MacNify's take

It's too soon for a hands-on test even for MacNify at this moment, so there are no final words yet. It would be great if it plays HD video directly on TV through the AV cable. After all the screen on iPod is too small. As soon as it hits the local Apple store, I'm going to check it out!

The one important thing is, iPod with video is finally here! Rumor no more, deal with the fact, iPod wannabes!

Yet another Mac tip is on the web!

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