Sunday, October 23, 2005

The Mac Dating Tips

I'm not kidding. I was out today for a treasure hunting at the Apple store, and guess what I found? Apple fanboys seriously need dating tips.

I strolled to the new iPod for some hands-on experience with the video functionality before I could do a review on MacNify. Then there came this couple standing next to me checking out the same iPod. I couldn't help overhearing the guy saying, "just look at that, it is so cool and advanced. How could anyone not fall for it?". The girl, evidently clueless about what the iPod Video was all about, went "really?". So the guy repeated, "just look at that....(blah blah blah)", only with more efforts and zeal.

Okay, I get your point. But... come one, dude, you sound more like begging for permission to spend the bucks on the toy for yourself. Wanna impress her? Then shut up and buy one for her! My friend did that, I did that, and it worked!

Seriously, if iPod is so good that it's almost a sin to not let your loved one enjoy, then the best way to make her fall for it is to get her one. Her friends will be jealous of her, for both the iPod and the boyfriend.

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~Frag said...

ha ha ha...awwww....

great imagery....