Saturday, March 29, 2008

MacNify Widget 2.0 Now Available!

MacNify proudly presents the MacNify widget version 2.0. The widget gains new look, consistent with the new Leopard theme on the website. Underneath the new shiny surface are great improvements including:
  • A lot more reliable RSS feed control.
  • Ability to control length article summary on the widget.


Get MacNify Widget.

As always, MacNify is a great way to discover cool and useful Mac tricks like blowing up the screen or placing dashboard widgets directly on your desktop. MacNify widget makes learning a lot easier by brining the tips right onto your desktop.

User Instructions

  1. One-click to read the full article in default browser.
  2. One-click to take you to MacNify homepage.
  3. Scroll bar.
  4. Move slider to the left for shorter article summary; right for longer article summary.

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