Friday, November 04, 2005

Free Your Widgets From Dashboard (Part II)

The "Toggle Widget-On-Top" mini app is finally here!

Since we talked about putting dashboard widgets directly on the desktop, I promised there will be a Part II, which makes the mini app available. I, for one, have been waiting to see the promise fulfilled. The day has finally come, and it's TODAY!

Get the mini app

If you are hardcore about doing the UNIX command yourself, follow the instructions in Part I. Else, download the mini-app and be happy!

Click the icon to download the mini app.

Run the mini app

  1. If you are using Safari to download the mini app, it should automatically unzip and mount the disk image for you. Else, unzip it manually and double click the .dmg file to mount the disk image yourself.

  2. Once you get the the disk image mounted, the rest are just usual routines. You can either run the mini app directly, or copy it to your Application folder and run it from there.

Show me the Mm...magic!

You are good to go after running the mini app. Now let's do the trick!
  1. Launch dashboard by clicking the dashboard toggle key (e.g. F12, depending on your settings in Preference->'Dashboard & Exposé').

  2. Click on any widget and drag a little. Here's the catch: while dragging, hit the dashboard toggle key once. WHALAH! Now the widget is on your desktop, and it stays on top of all windows, all the time!
*repeating step 2 with the widgets on your desktop will bring them back to dashboard.

Show it off

With this trick you can now use your favorite widgets without even launching the Dashboard, and perhaps wow a few friends who don't read MacNify!

Yet another Mac tip is on the web!


Anonymous said...

Thank you now I have my music all the time and I don't have to click anything. Very cool

Anonymous said...

How do I remove this app? I don't see any on or off option when the app is launched. Please clarify. Thanks.

macnify said...

Just delete it from your harddisk. This app does not keep any config files anywhere else.

Anonymous said...

Amnesty is also an option if you want to decide what window level you want your widgets on the desktop.

Anonymous said...

Very Cool! But for it to continue working do I have to have to app on my comp, or now that I've run it, can I delete it? Oh, and do you have any cool key comands for Mac, they are always fun to know...

Anonymous said...

Is there a way to make the widgets on your desktop stay under all windows with this mini app? Thanks a lot and keep up the great site!

justin said...

Is there a way to make the widgets on your desktop stay under all windows with this mini app? Thanks a lot and keep up the great site!

Anonymous said...

That's great, but here is a bigger challenge:
Is there a way to move real apps rom the desktop to Dashboard???

There are some small apps that I just want to keep in the background, and dashboard is the right place for that.

Anonymous said...

just so every1 knows, you can just open the dashboard, click the plus to add a new widget, and drag your selection off of the bar at bottom. DO NOT RELEASE YOUR CLICK! Press F12, (or close the dashboard WITHOUT letting go of the mouse), the dashboard goes away, and THEN you release the click. this way you don't have to use the terminal or download ANYTHING! if you open the dashboard again, the widget will no longer remain on the dock. you will have to do the whole procedure over again