Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Happy Thanksgiving! Fun with the Weather Widget

Happy Thanksgiving to the MacNify readers in the USA!

It's a great weekend, so we shall have something not entire useful, but FUN! When your work on the computer gets dull, the weather widget may provide you some unexpected entertainment.

Slow-mo the weather man

We all know that clicking on the weather widget will reveal or retract the 6-day forecast. However, it is not popularly known that doing a shift+click will turn this action into a slow motion.

If only you can dictate the weather

Too bad we can't. No matter which corner of the globe you are at, you hardly get all types of weathers in one place, but you can still have fun looping through all the weather types that the weather widget knows.

When you do a option+command+click, the weather location changes to 'Nowhere'. Every time you do this, the weather graphic changes to a different one. See if you can get what every graphic means!

When the fun is over and you want the weather widget to point back to your preset location, just select the weather widget and do a command+r to reload it.

Yet another Mac tip is on the web!


Noah said...

Awesomely cool! Command-R also will reload your weather widget if you want to update the widget stats (especially if you put it on your desktop)

cary-anne said...

how do you put it on your desktop? that's amazing!

Anonymous said...

Did You Know that in Dashboard, Whichever widgit you are using, u can Press command-r and it will do this weird swirly thing. It's awesome.

Anonymous said...

its amazing, unnecessary but really cooool!!!!!

Anonymous said...

The shift click also works for going in and out of dashboard, expose and any other widgets that do an action with a click.