Saturday, November 05, 2005

MacNify Widget v1.1

Great news! The MacNify Widget version 1.1 has just been released!
Screenshot of MacNify Widget

What's new?

  • Solved conflict with the Macmentor Widget.
  • Huge increase in download bandwidth.
  • More stable linkage to the blog page.

Note: version 1.0 is no longer available for download.

Upgrade now

Get your copy of the MacNify Widget version 1.1 here.

The demand for the widget has been so great for the pass one month that I have to buy some more bandwidth to meet the needs. Thanks to our dear reader Jb who recommended the great web hosting service, but the offer he mentioned was over so I did not buy the package. Sorry about that.

In case you have not yet noticed, the MacNify widget has been among the top 10 for about two weeks now on Apple's widget website! Thanks everyone who have downloaded the widget and enjoyed reading the blog. My apology to those who have not been able to download it due to the stinky bandwidth issue. I have been getting a lot of feedbacks through the email and you guys are just great! I'll continue to make MacNify the place to go for essential tips and tricks that enhance our mac-ing time in small but significant ways.

p/s: I have sent some "pre-release" copies of version 1.1 to some readers who requested the widget through email, but I recommend that everyone should get the official release copy.


Phil said...

I have downloaded this widget twice. Doesn't seem to work with 10.4.3

Any suggestions how I can get it to work?

MacNify said...

I am running the widget on 10.4.3 and there hasn't been any problem. You might want to mention more details about what kind of problems you encountered so that we all may have a better idea of what's wrong?