Saturday, November 19, 2005

Killing Dashboard Widgets the Jedi's Way

When you get bored of a widget (hopefully not the MacNify widget), you probably will want to get rid of it and free up some precious screen space.

To close a widget, you click the little "x" button which can usually be found at the top-left corner of the widget. But first you will need to make those "x" buttons show up on screen, a move that can be very clumsy unless the force is with you.

The standard way

The standard way of closing a door is to walk to door and close it. The standard way of closing a widget is to pull out the widget panel, which also causes the "x" buttons of all the widgets to show up on screen, then click on the one that belongs to the widget you wish to close.

The Jedi's way

The jedi's way of closing the door is to remain at where you are and force-grib the door to close it. The jedi's way of closing a widget is to press-hold the option key and mouse-over the widget, a trick which reveals the "x" button of that widget alone, then click on the button and close the widget.
Besides being the über cool way of closing a widget, this trick is the only way to close the widgets you have placed outside the dashboard.

Go kill the Sith... I mean widgets

Your training is now over. Go to the Dashboard System at the outer rim and destroy as many widgets as you wish. May the force be with you.

There I said it all. Now's your turn to translate this article into Yoda's grammar.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you again for making widgets cooler than they already are. Now they are smarter.

Anonymous said...

MacNify will always remain on my's the reason I know how to use my computer. Thanks also for telling me how to get rid of the stupid widgets I downloaded!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for telling me how to get rid of the stupid widgets I downloaded....I was going to go crazy!

Rosemary King said...

Bless you Master

Anonymous said...

Is there a way to retrieve a widget that is no longer in circulation? I am thinking of the red calendar widget that came pre-loaded in my machine. Apple has changed it, in a Tiger update, so we all now have the 1970's clock radio style. Thanks, Luigino

Anonymous said...

thank you time saving great one!

Anonymous said...

"Widgets now close will I"


the cats aunt said...

I have been happily using your press-hold option key to close individual widgets for many months; but suddenly this doesn't work any more. Any ideas?