Thursday, November 10, 2005

Perfecting Every Song: More Tips On Equalizer Presets

Among other things, what makes iTunes totally cool is its ability to assign an equalizer preset to every piece of music in your library. (What is an equalizer?)

When you can tell every piece of music to choose its own equalizer preset, every single tune sounds at its best for your ultimate listening pleasure. If you use the iTunes equalizer, you'll love this trick; if you have a HUGE music library, you'll love it even more.

Doing it one-by-one

Do a right-click or ctrl+click on the column header of the iTunes table to reveal all the "song attributes" in a drop-down list. Check the 'Equalizer' in the list.
Now you will see a newly added column named Equalizer in the table. In each entry you can see a small button which looks like this. This button allows you to pull down the list of equalizer presets and choose one for that piece of song.

Doing it all at once

What if you have a genre album, and you just want to use the same equalizer preset for that particular set of songs? In this case you can do a batch change.

First, multiple-select the songs you want to change. Then right-click or ctrl+click the selected songs and choose 'Get Info' from the floating menu.
A new window containing all the batch-editable attributes of the selected songs will appear. Among other entries you might be interested in editing, the list of equalizer presets that you are looking for is sitting near the bottom-right corner. Choose an equalizer preset form the list, and the action will be propagated to all the selected songs.


Anonymous said...

Maybe you should include info on what an equalizer is and how it compares with others!!! great article

Just_A_Guy said...

I have been useing this ever since Itunes 2 and it has just gotten better and better the more I use it. I would like to know how to make my own presets as easily as it is to pick one... at least if this is easy

Anonymous said...

The only thing missing from itunes is individual manually editable equalizers which can be saved....... not all music in one genre sounds the same!

MacNify said...

Adjusting the equalizer is easy, getting it sound right is hard. And yes, you can edit the equalizer and save your flavor as new presets to the list. See this article.

Tdeen said...

I wonder if iTunes passes this info on to the iPod, cause that'd be pretty spiffy. My brother's new nano sounds great through the car speakers, but not all of his albums are ripped to the same audio quality.

macnify said...

I don't think the current iPods support equalizer preset for a single piece of music. I certainly hope it does.